About community

We are open community of free professionals ready to communicate, cooperate and dream to develop together disregarding any fictional and unnatural differences between people, state borders and politics.

If you are a software developer or in any way linked to domain as an analyst, tester, manager, designer feel free to join communty by regestering new account on our Phabricator™ workspace at https://notdotnet.ru:8002/

New accounts at a the present time are approved manualy so it can take some time to get access.

Access to development tools like personal server accounts, file storage, corporate emails and more others are given on private request with justification by server administrators.

Public wiki pages, projects, groups, teams and tasks are available to join and cooperate. All public code repositories and knowlege bases are free to read, use and redistrubute under free software public licenses.

But before you start participating in an actual work be ready to follow main community manifesto and other legal community notes. Getting in conflict with community rules and philosophy can cause permanent banishment.